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Through dance and events, I'm looking for
new ways to
connect with others .

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This is me

I am a dancer specialized in freestyle and club dance styles, particularly waacking, hustle and Hip Hop. I also curate projects and events that are socially engaged and bring people together in the street dance community of Montreal. As a freelance worker, I collaborate with established local artists, companies and non-profits as a coordinator and production director. I am still improving my craft as an up and coming choreographer and performer. I do so by creating works of my own, collaborating with multidisciplinary artists and participating in dance battles locally and internationally. Most of all, I make sure to still lab and session on my craft, take classes and go out and dance in the clubs. 

To find out more about my journey

Performer  Choreographer 
Experience curator  Battler

 Actor   Storyteller Club goer

Events Planner    Dancer 

Cultural worker     Producer 

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I consider myself an expert at translating the mind
artists. I can help bring
your creative vision to life.

Why work with me?

  • For my dedication to the traditions and values of the street dance culture.

  • For the authenticity and vulnerability in my artistic approach.

  • I have been actively contributing to the Montreal street dance community for 10 years.

  • I have a network that extends to the street dance communities of Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Paris and more.

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